Finding Flow: Balancing Mom Life and Studies with Harmonious Passion


5/4/20241 min read

a man and a woman sitting on a bed together
a man and a woman sitting on a bed together

Hey mamas!

Happy Friday night! Wine down (or juice box up) and let's chat. Did you conquer your to-do list today, or did life throw you a curveball?

For me, it was a curveball of the best kind! I planned to power through some schoolwork, but after a busy week of work-from-home chaos (and let's be honest, a little under-the-weather snuggles), I decided to prioritize quality time with my hubby. It was a much-needed recharge.

Speaking of recharging, have you guys read Adam Grant's Hidden Potential? His concept of harmonious passion really resonated with me. It's all about finding joy in the process of learning, not just the pressure to get an A. No more "shoulda, woulda, couldas" – it's about feeling the genuine want to learn.

This idea totally flipped a switch for me. Instead of feeling like studying is a chore, I want to find the flow – that zone of total absorption where the world melts away and I'm completely immersed in the material.

Guess what? It actually happened at work today! I applied a concept from commercial law I learned earlier, and it felt amazing to see things click. That "aha!" moment, even without formal textbook studying, proves the power of engaged learning.

So, this weekend's mission: conquer some studies with newfound excitement, but also carve out quality time for my little munchkins. It's all about balance, right?

Now it's your turn! How do you find balance between motherhood and your studies? How many hours do you dedicate to studying each week? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below – we're all in this together